Project Management

Increase operational efficiencies, reduce process errors and increase ROI.

Goals.Work lets you manage your projects seamlessly and concurrently with this amazing feature. Define the project velocity by setting the project timelines according to your client expectations. Allocate just enough resources to efficiently accomplish the project tasks within the pre-set timelines. Plan and track the project milestones in line with the schedule defined. Collaborate seamlessly with the client team and the project team to ensure right expectations are set for each milestone to match this pace till the completion. Set project parameters of quality, timeline and technical features to include, for measuring the achieve project quality against, within the time taken. Assess your project team productivity based on the set parameters of project KPIs. Goals.Work makes your project management agile by providing you with a collaborative environment and a bird’s eye view of the entire project on your dashboard, enabling swift and efficient decision-making.

Plan. Assign. Collaborate. Deliver. Verify.

Compare the project progress with plan using visual progress curves in real-time. Using Goals.

Work increases project management efficiency by as high as 50% within six months.

Schedule, Plan, Allocate Tasks

Set Project Velocity

Compare Progress Curves ( Plan Vs Actuals) Daily with automated alerts

Improve Project Quality Score by 50% in 6 months

Work Manager

WorkManager is the interface for staff to easily log their daily tasks, manage tasks assigned and view the daily history.
Always stay in-touch with up-to-date projects data. Tracking process, forthcoming deadlines, worklogs and milestones has never been so easy. It is a per-integrated unified environment for team collaboration and communication on and projects and processes.

Task Management

The Task Management module is more than an online to-do list and has helped many teams around the globe get work done more efficiently.

What it does for You?

  • Assigning task was never so easy! Due dates, Milestone setting, deadline setting etc. all done with minutes to spare.
  • Make the task recurring-Now why bother assigning the same task every day ?
  • Rate the task for it.
  • Get the best out of your team- ratings directly linked to productivity.

Team & Shift Management

An easy to use module with productivity management, shift scheduling, team productivity setting options. Trying to map skill levels of your team? This module will help you do that too!

Process Management

t gives you greater visibility and control over the processes and data that drive your business. Increased efficiency and compliance made easy by a single module!


  • Login Compliance
  • Late to Work Compliance
  • Daily Report Compliance
  • Daily Report Productivity Compliance


Increase employee commitment, motivation and self-management through the productivity module which provides the following features:


  • Team based productivity settings.
  • Back end Productivity Tracking based on assigned task ratings and timely completion of work assigned.
  • Team and employee based productivity reports.
  • Productivity scores integrated with performance.

SLA Compliance Tracking

SLA or Service Level Agreement is very important to maintain good client relations. What if there is one portal which manages SLA related tracking for you? VisionCarma’s SLA Compliance Tracking is the One! The features are endless-


  • SLA defined per client & team based on client helpdesks.
  • Issue forwarding from client helpdesk to setup through scripting.
  • SLA Reports are available for clients and teams in

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