Performance Management

Capture all employee milestones accurately with automated alerts and configurable , visual – rich reports

Get an exhaustive analysis of the team and individual performances with the Bell Curves that demonstrate the level of all project team members based on their performance. The Bell curve provides you with a visual representation of the top performers which you would like to retain and appraise with positive and progressive review. It also points out the performances of the poor performers in the team that require to be trained and motivated further with their current positions reviewed in terms of value they produce for the organisation. This gives you a clear picture for awarding the bonuses and variable payments to implement this model more effectively.

Track. Measure. Analyse. Report

Track the productivity of your employees and teams more effectively, reward & motivate the high performers. Cut down the slack and drive performance.

Get started with setting team targets and KPIs in line with your business goals for specified timeframes. Review and appraise teams with seamless, 360-Degree, custom feedbacks. Perform technical assessment to get insight into the technical value your team has added.

Set Kep Performance Indicators & Key Result Areas for teams

Take Feedbacks via Custom Feedbacks for Teams

Conduct Technical Assessments

Conduct 360 Degree Feedbacks

Review Consolidated Performance Bell Curves

Performance Graph

  • The Performance graph shows the entire list of employees who fall under different categories of performance.
  • Bell Curve Visibility becomes lot easier using the graph.
  • Also, corrective measures can be taken to make the under-performing individuals score better percentage next time.

Performance Index Report

  • The team wise PI report can be used to analyze the team wise performance within an organization.
  • Factors that are hindering the performance of a particular team can be analyzed and put forward to the respective Project Managers.
  • The Customer Satisfaction Index score of all teams can analyzed. This helps to retain customers in a better manner by understanding the root cause of problems happening in the project.

Individual Performance Index

  • The Individual PI score report gives inside view into how an employee is performing within the criteria set for analyzing the performance.
  • The PI trend is a useful part of PI report, where you can see how the employee has performed in the past three months.

Key Performance Index

KPI’s can be defined for each vertical such as HR, BD, Sales or Ops, and senior managers assigned the KPI’s with varied weightages based on core responsibilities and areas they are driving. This can be linked to PI or even tracked separately, Features here include


  • Define KPI’s for each vertical.
  • Define baseline performance and weightage for each.
  • Map managers/staff to these KPI’s.
  • Assign monthly or quarterly ratings for these KPI’s.
  • Track KPI Trends to take further action.

Technical Feedback

Technical feedback module helps you to understand what techs are expected to do. You can evaluate the tech based on the performance level of them which they show on their routine work, Features include


  • Custom Team based Feedback forms.
  • Custom feedback form for each tech level in the same team.
  • Feedback Scheduling and Alerting.
  • Feedback Tracking.
  • Feedback Reports for Teams and Techs.

360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback’s open up employee performance appraisals to greater depth and breadth of feedback. This full-circle view of performance provides more insight for coaching and development and ensures more accurate, effective and fair assessments.


  • Develop comprehensive feedback: Incorporate peer review and upward assessments for feedback at all levels.
  • Gain a holistic performance perspective: Get feedback from employees, hierarchies or departments and gain a broader view.
  • Identify hidden strengths and weaknesses: Pinpoint skills, competency gaps, reward drivers and other performance trends.
  • Use limited compensation budgets effectively: Make pay decisions with valid, objective and anonymous feedback to gain a candid perspective.

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