HR Management

Efficient automation of the HR processes for small and large businesses.

Stay on top of managing your Human Resource. Plan work based on employees on leave. Set team objectives and define KPIs. Sit back as you track their achievements with visual and intuitive dashboards. Build smart teams that deliver measurable results. Base your succession planning on visual tracking made possible with customised dashboards. Managing the human resource is seamless using the app. By making task management and reporting easier for teams, our application spares them a lot of extra time to achieve more each day and focus on excelling in their core area of expertise.

Engage. Unify. Streamline.

Automate the mundane HR operations of Employee Record Management & Leave Approvals

Automate your mundane HR operations so your HR team could focus on the vital HR functions. Allocate work efficiently.

Process Payroll more efficiently in 70% less time.

Automate Leaves & payroll

Reduce Monthly Payroll processing time by 70%

Set Performance Goals for Team. Sit back & Track

Employee Database Management

Store and manage all employee documents in a cloud database to improve accessibility

  • Employee Database
  • Joining & Relieving Details
  • User approvals, permissions & remote access
  • IP based access control & Allowed IPs
  • User Login tracking & alerts for late logins

Leave Management

Create a unique work schedule for your business with custom working days, holidays, and leave policies

  • Custom configured leave approvals
  • Ability to configure/customize leave approval levels
  • Leave Summary Reports
  • Carry forward Leaves
  • Loss Of Pay Reports

Payroll & Staff Salaries

Staff Management allows managing staff details, employment info and the salary details with breakups a really easy task! It has good search and filtering options to easily view data for a large organization, so that your time is saved

  • Manage Staff
  • Add staff
  • Edit Staff

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