Customer Management

Customer database and management fused together with intelligent advice that takes the guesswork out of building your business.

With the ability to strike up conversations regarding the specific modules of their projects, they find themselves in a more comfortable space in controlling their project progress. At the same time, with direct client interactions, your team becomes directly accountable and more likely to take the ownership of the tasks assigned, to complete them on time. Let your clients stay on top of their project progress. Let your Client Satisfaction Rates grow high with Goals.Work .By managing the client data seamlessly and providing your clients with a collaborative platform to stay connected across the project team, you provide the clients with immense peace of mind that comes from real-time tracking of project progress and greater control over project progress. Their constant feedback serves to make the entire process agile and efficient.

Interact. Engage. Delight.

Provide your clients with a real-time visibility of their projects.

Give them a seamlessly collaborative platform to engage with the teams working on their project.

Real Time Visibility to Projects

Stay Updated & Stay Happy

Engage with Team & Delivery Schedule

Client Portal

Use the client portal to manage your short to long term clients with ease. Know everything about your clients including their vital details, key requirements and pain-points, which stage they are on in the sales funnel and more. Track and manage your clients more efficiently to shorten the sales cycle. The Client Portal on Goals.Work helps you accelerate your revenue generation process.

Client Interaction

Make your client interactions more seamless and responsive using the highly collaborative and interactive platform Goalz.Work offers. By efficiently tracking the previous interactions and client responses, it is easier to navigate the conversation further and understand their needs better. The Client Interaction feature lets you meet your client needs more effectively and higher the rate of their satisfaction

Client Database

Manage your exhaustive and comprehensive client database well and have complete control over planning business development from existing and new accounts based on the record. Touch base with your old clients from time to time to warm up to securing new projects with them and leveraging the already established trust.

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